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Companies that provide Emergency Towing Services in the USA

Introduction of Towing Service

Emergency towing – Towing services are provided for the movement from one place to another by a single vehicle. Mostly, vehicle towing is done by using a towing truck that is specifically designed to transport motor vehicles safely. Vehicle towing is usually carried out for the number of purposes named as vehicle accident towing, vehicle salvage and stolen vehicle recovery. Vehicles can also be towed and transported for legal purposes on authority including parking infringements.

Almost all the states have laws for controlling and regulating the accident towing industry. These laws provide regulation for licensing tow trucks, establishing requirement for repair and storage of vehicles along with the requirement of accreditation of drivers and operators. These services are often provided by association of motor vehicle services, breakdown services and the specialist towing services. Specialist towing services include towing by truck and recovery of heavy vehicle.

Five Best Companies in US

There are many towing companies in USA but some of these are working with high accuracy and timely. Some such companies are as

  • Southwest Towing & Recovery is a company of USA providing reliable towing services in the country. This company mostly provides on-site services along with a number of transportation arrangements. This company provides 24/7 roadside assistance. Their towing services include 24 hour services along with the Holiday towing across the largest metropolitan area. The availability of emergency towing is also ensured there. In case of accident or other situation, services like refueling, flat tire or stranded are also provided. This shows that this company is best in case of accident or emergency for accident vehicle storage, junk car removal and for many other purposes.
  • Hook It Up Towing & Recovery is also among a few best towing companies of USA. It is working on the ID 2088995654. It also ensures 24/7 roadside assistance. This company provides its best professional towing services in all cases whether a person is broke down on the road or moved down the road in a rough place. Sometimes, vehicles are indulged in such a tragic situation that it becomes very difficult to unlock it to get your valuables. But there is no need to worry because Hook It Up Towing & Recovery have trucks equipped with most reliable entry tools that are automated. In this way, valuables are accessed without getting any harm or damage to the vehicle. This company also provides appropriate parts and equipment as alternatives. It also provides with batteries in case your batteries are dead. Tire service is also available there. If shortage of fuel takes place on the way, it will provide the fuel by their trucks.
  • Keford Towing is one of best towing companies of USA. It has a huge fleet of towing trucks which are always ready to help the Detroit area. It provides 24 hour towing services. Its towing trucks are very efficient. Its team gives immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ask any time for the assistance by calling on 2484782380. Police towing is also provided by this company in several municipalities. It provides a number of services including equipment hauling, RV and Motor Coach towing, bus towing, truck towing, light duty flatbed towing and wreck master certified drivers.
  • Louisville’s Towing Service provides its fast and friendly services to people whether they are stuck in the heavy snow, a ditch, high water or in sticky mud. This company comprises of 4 teams having 18000 towed vehicles. This company ensures the availability of emergency towing, roadside assistance, tow offs, specialty towing, tire changing and many more. If your car breaks down on a highway like 165 or when you lost your tire on the road, it is the most difficult situation. In these situations, you just need to call Louisville’s Towing Service.
  • Jerrdan Towing Equipment is also a famous towing company providing its useful services in many areas. It has a number of carriers, wreckers, rotators and innovations. This company is providing its reliable services with accuracy 24 hours a day. Its workers are highly trained and cooperative. In case of accident or emergency, services like refueling, flat tire or stranded are also offered by this company. This shows that this company is best in case of any emergency for vehicle storage, junk car removal and for many other purposes.
emergency towing


In short, there are a number of companies providing towing services in USA in order to avoid any haphazardness or disturbance on the roads. These services have decreased the chances of loss of valuables of common persons. In the view of all services offered by these companies, I think a person should immediately call for help in any one of these companies in case of emergency.