tire keeps going flat

Tire Keeps Going Flat – What To Do?

Tire keeps going flat – Not only is having a flat tire a nuisance, but it is also quite dangerous. But what do you do when your tire keeps going flat continuously? This article will address the various causes of flat tires and how to avoid them. Read below:

Sharp Objects

This is one of the most typical and obvious reasons why you may have a flat tire. It mostly happens as a result of a puncture from a piece of glass, nail, industrial staple, screw, or other sharp debris.

The best way to avoid this is by maneuvering around debris while driving. Also, watch for garbage while driving through a parking lot, there might be broken glass.

Wear And Tear

The friction experienced while running on the road impacts on your tire, and this is normal. Occasionally, the wear and tear will be the reason why your tire keeps going flat. With time, driving weakens the tread of your tires and makes them vulnerable to hazards that cause flat tires.

Though it is normal for your tires to weaken over time, there are a few steps you can take to minimize it. Ensure that your wheels are aligned regularly, maintain the recommended tire pressure, and avoid fast starts and stops—also, regular tire rotation aids in extending the longevity of your tires.

Bad Road Conditions

Every driver hates uneven roads, potholes, or unexpected debris because they are annoying and can damage your vehicle’s axles, wheels, and undercarriages. There is a higher chance of having a flat tire while plying a bad road. 

The first palliative is safe driving. However, if driving on a bad road is the only option you have, driving at a slow speed will help out. With this, you can have a better reaction to watch out for bumps, potholes, and debris, and safely get around them. 

Improper Inflation

tire keeps going flat

To ensure safe driving, it is imperative to maintain the correct tire pressure for your vehicle. If your tires are not properly inflated, it could lead to the damaging of your tires.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that the tire pressure is checked at least once a month; it should be part of your routine car maintenance. The pressure can be checked with a tire pressure gauge, better still, have a professional handle that for you.


In some cases, sharp objects, potholes, or wear and tear may not be the reason why your tire keeps going flat. Heat is also likely to give you flat tires. When there is a rise in mercury, the air in your tires expand. This leads to the increase in internal pressure and, in turn, heightens the tendency of a leak or blowout.

To avoid this, ensure you check your tire pressure before you hit the road. This increases the accuracy of your reading. During summer, it is important that you maintain the correct tire pressure and avoid over-inflating your tires.


A lot of things could cause a flat tire. But being better equipped to avoid it will prevent any inconvenience. That is the aim of our guide, practice our little tricks, and see how much it helps out.