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Flat tire on the side of the road? Here’s what to do in Miami

Having a flat tire is one of the most awful experiences for any car owner or employed driver. You know that loud shrill sound, accompanied by the imbalance movement of your car? And boom! You start noticing the smoke emitting from burning rubber. (Quick to know, it’s your tire). It’s worse when this happens on the highway, vehicles speeding by.

Truth is, regardless of how frightening and risky a flat tire can be, it is undoubtedly one of the most usual experiences. We don’t seem to get enough of these driving contingencies isn’t it? Now that one of your tires is out, do you just head on to fix another? A jack, socket wrench, and even an extra tire… do you have all of those, right on ground? It’s just as confusing.

You shouldn’t go through these, all by yourself. If for any reason your vehicle develops a flat tire, anywhere in Miami, endeavor to do the following;

Slowly drive to somewhere safe

If you develop a flat tire in the course of driving on the highways (of Miami), the very first thing you should do is to look out for your safety. It’s understandable that the situation at present is a scary one, but fidgeting wouldn’t help you.

Do not stop right there (in traffic). Doing this puts you at the risk of a side or rear-end collision with oncoming vehicles. To avoid this, firmly grip the steering wheel and drive safely, out of the traffic. As you drive, you’ll feel the ruptured tire getting worse. Worry less; only be concerned about your safety. Be careful not to strike on the brakes, as you hold on to the steering wheel and slowly lift your foot from the accelerator, the car slows down.

As your car slows down, endeavor you’re pulling, not just towards the right side of the road (which should be traffic-free), but also to an area as stable and flat as possible. This is to ease the process of changing the damaged tire. It is also important that you turn on your signal (or emergency flasher) to get the attention of other drivers, informing them to either slow down as they approach your vehicle, or switch lane for safety reasons.

Remain in your car

If for a reason or the other, you cannot carry out a tire change yourself and require the services of a professional or a towing company, standing next to your car or even behind, is not ideal. Yes, you’re no longer in traffic, but you shouldn’t take chances. Another motorist passing by, could be inattentive and just drift off the road. You’ll better avoid a pedestrian accident by staying in your car till you get help.

Call a friend

A friend in need, they say, is a friend indeed. (We all know that saying). And in the case of a flat tire, you are sure in need. Peradventure you are not someone, who knows so much about flat tires and how to replace them, but has this friend or relative who can come right there to give a helping hand, why not? You too must have offered a helping hand at a time or two, and that good turn of yours deserves another.

Call for the services of a flat tire repair shop (or company)

In cases when you cannot reach your friend or relative (probably because they too cannot replace a flat tire), then you can always call in for road assistance from auto shops. Even when you do have friends that can help, calling for their help wouldn’t be the best option in some cases.

You can only call for a friend’s help when you have an extra tire and other tools needed to replace a tire. If you do not, the arrival of your friend makes no difference.

flat tire

There are several flat tire repair service providers in Miami. A call to them and you are sure to expect their arrival as soon as you can imagine. It is not unknown too that these service providers are exemplary in their deliveries. Many of them even offer towing services.

If for example, your car tire gets flat (while on the roll) and you do not have a spare, these automobile repair shops (or auto shops) offer towing services. They tow the vehicle to their shop (tire shop), in order to replace the tire.

Contact your insurance company

Sometimes, it is safe to inform your insurance company of whatever damage. After all, it is their responsibility to provide assistance or compensation in the event of certain risks. Several auto insurance companies partner with emergency automobile repair shops such that, in cases of contingencies; like a flat tire, side collision, etc., they can recommend to their members, a professional service.

Hence, calling your insurance company to inform them of the present situation of your vehicle can help a great deal on getting you back on the road.

See a mechanic

Having replaced the damaged tire, it is important to get in touch with a mechanic. The spare tire you have on, wouldn’t serve as a permanent one. It will require replacement, probably sooner than you envisaged. A mechanic can always help you fix (inflate) the flat tire, or take it in exchange for another with similar quality.

Avoid the next rupture

Maybe not the right clause, but as you know, having a flat tire is inevitable. Asides the tire being old and somewhat weak, under inflation and over inflation could also result in an emergency breakdown. Whichever the cause, you can try to walk around the situation when next it happens. In preparation for this next emergency, you should;

  1. Endeavor to have in your car, an extra tire and the other tools needed in replacing a tire.
  2. Be sure to have the contact (phone number and address) of an individual or company that you can call on.
  3. Also, learn about fixing or replacing a flat tire so that you are not totally confused or stranded when next it happens.

No one plans for a ruptured tire or an emergency breakdown. But when it does happen, regardless of when and where, so long it’s in Miami, with the above to deal the situation and professional service providers at your rescue, you are sure to come out fine.