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How Long Can A Towing Company Keep My Car?

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, life in Miami often feels like a full- time vacation. It boasts of the ideal tropical weather year-round, the turquoise blue Atlantic Ocean providing the perfect backdrop against the buzz of activity. It’s a place every travel enthusiast likes to visit every once in a while, and where the locals get to enjoy the thriving ecosystem.

However, leaving your car parked in Miami, even for a couple of minutes can be daunting. Every towing company and tow operator seems to be working full time. Unscrupulous tow companies that work illegally only make matters worse, as they wait to descend on unsuspecting victims and overcharge them.

In Miami, it is crucial to know your rights and acquaint yourself with the laws that are specific to towing practices. This will allow you as either a local or a visitor, not to fall prey to any predatory towing company that may be operating illegally.

There are a number of frequently asked questions when it comes to towing practices in Miami, Florida. However, the most frequent is: how long can a towing company keep your car?

First things first, towing companies in Miami, Florida have a legal ground to tow away your car under certain circumstances. Below are the circumstances that would give a tow truck operator the right to tow away your car:

  • If you’ve parked your car at a lot or area that has a tow warning sign, the towing company has the right to tow your car away. Hence, whenever you are parking in a new area, always check for these signs before walking away.
  • Avoid parking at meters that are only meant for motorcycles alone. Parking in such areas is basically asking a tow company to take tow your car away.
  • You can park at a customer parking lot that belongs to a particular business. However, this is permissible if you are planning on entering the business premises as well.

If you violate any of the above rules, you can expect to find that your car has already been towed away. Perhaps your car has already been towed away, you may be wondering how fast you can get it back. In other words, how long can a tow company keep your car?

Well, the answer completely depends on you. They can keep your car as long as you let them. Below are a few things that you should know to help clarify the aforementioned question.

  • If you get back to your car as it is about to be towed away, then you can have it back immediately. However, you will be required to pay at least half of the towing rate in order for the tow operator to release your car.
  • If the tow company has already taken your car, you should call the tow company immediately. If you have parked at a Tow- away zone, the information you need about the tow company should be on the tow- warning sign. After calling them, you can retrieve it within the hour.
  • You can still call the tow company after hours to get your car back. It’s within your legal rights as the owner of the car.

Finally, a towing company can keep your car as long as you refrain from paying. The longer you take to pay the fee, the longer they get to keep it. Hence, it is often better to just pay immediately, since tow companies tend to charge for storage after 24 hours.