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Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Insurance?

Parking Tickets – Receiving a parking ticket is never pleasant and can truly be annoying. But does this affect the prices of your vehicle insurance? Do you pay more for car insurance because you have a parking ticket? Today we answer all your questions about the connection between car parking tickets and car insurance.

Parking Ticket Do Not Affect Your Car Insurance

Let’s make one thing clear first. Parking ticket do not affect your car insurance premiums.

Fines for speeding and other traffic violations generally affect the prices of your car insurance. However, a parking ticket does not increase your car insurance prices. The car was never in operation while you truly received the infringement: it does not affect the prices of your car insurance since it’s indeed a non-moving infringement.

Your history of obtaining parking tickets does not depend on your likelihood of making a claim, and this is truly the way your insurance company sees it. Accidents often mean that you are a bad driver, meaning that you pay more for car insurance. If you frequently receive parking tickets, this does not mean that you are a bad driver.

If perhaps you have no parking tickets, 10 tickets or maybe 50 parking tickets, you are still going to pay the same auto insurance prices just as other drivers out there.

Parking Violations Are Never Even Added To Your Driving Report

Parking tickets do not affect the premiums for car insurance. In fact, parking tickets are not even added or transferred to your driving report. Your auto insurance business can’t see the parking tickets.

And again, if perhaps insurance business wanted to actually increase their premiums due to parking tickets, the insurance company will not see the charges.

Also, the DMV and other authorities cannot see your own tickets. Parking tickets are not published in the driver overview.

Non-Payment Of Parking Ticket Can Increase The Insurance Rates

A parking ticket does not affect the premiums of car insurance. However, ignoring this kind of ticket and refusing to pay the fine can affect the premiums for long-term car insurance.

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle that received a ticket, you must pay the fine associated with the ticket. Deciding not to pay for the parking violations can lead to problems with the renewal of your license plate number.

All US states have passed regulations warning vehicle owners to truly pay for parking violations before registering a vehicle. You may not be able to renew or register a vehicle until you have paid your overdue tickets.f

If you drive without registration and get caught, you face significant penalties. This could lead to higher long-term insurance prices.

In other words, your parking ticket can lead to an indirect increase in insurance prices if you do not pay them and do not register your vehicle. However, parking tickets do not affect your car insurance in most cases.


Parking tickets have no impact on car insurance rates as long as you pay the fine. If you decline to pay for your parking ticket, you may have a problem renewing your car registration and can lead to insurance issues in the future.