Does Insurance Cover Towing For My Car

Does Insurance Cover Towing For My Car?


Does Insurance Cover Towing For My Car – Being stuck in an accident or vehicle breakdown can be a big disadvantage. Knowing that your vehicle can be towed safely to your home or repair shop at any time gives you peace of mind. Depending on the cause of the deactivation of your vehicle and the coverage you have with your car insurance policy, your car insurance may cover the towing costs of your car. If your car insurance does not pay for the trailer in all situations, it may be worthwhile to purchase additional insurance or participate in a roadside assistance program, such as AAA.


Most auto insurance companies offer a type of towing coverage. However, different companies will treat it differently. Therefore, you should always check with your insurer to find out how the towing is handled. Some companies can send a tow truck to your vehicle, wherever it is, and bring it to the nearest garage. Other companies manage the trailer only by the refund. In these situations, you must pay the trailer and send the receipt to the insurance company. In general, the company will pay an amount in dollars, for example, $50, and anything that exceeds this limit will not be refunded.


Even if your automobile insurance policy does not include towing protection, your vehicle can still be towed to a repair shop if it is involved in a collision or other type of covered accident. In this case, the trailer is covered by the cover that would be applied to repair your vehicle. For example, if someone’s car passes it to you and your car stops working, towing costs will be covered as part of your collision coverage. If your vehicle is stuck in a flood or damaged by another type of natural disaster, full tow coverage will be paid.
Towing costs paid for a collision or full coverage are usually covered by a refund. However, they count for your franchise. Therefore, if you pay $100 for a crane, this amount will be deducted from what you owe for your repairs. Several times, a body shop towed the car from the scene of an accident without loading at that time; the towing bill is added to the total cost of repairing your vehicle.


If your car insurance company does not pay for the trailer, you may be able to call for low-cost roadside assistance through another company. You can register for a car club like AAA, for example, and pay a low monthly fee for the service. In addition to the towing costs, car parking clubs cover other types of emergency assistance, such as tire replacement or fuel consumption in the event of exhaustion. If your usual car insurance does not include a roadside assistance program, it may be worthwhile to buy insurance from another type of company.
Whenever you decide to purchase roadside assistance coverage, you must keep the service phone number on your mobile phone so you can dial it at any time. It is also a good idea to print your membership card and keep it in your vehicle in case you need to call from another phone. By taking roadside assistance coverage, you can be sure that you can always put your vehicle safely in the event of a breakdown or car accident.