How can your car be wrongly towed?

Once in a while, cars and other type of vehicles develop issues in obscure locations. In a situation like this, the vehicle must be towed to a repair yard. Despite the huge relief that towing a car could be, if done wrong, it could cost you much more than you envisage.

How can your car be wrongly towed?

Depending on your type of car, you may tow your car wrongly if you do not use the right towing mechanism. There are some cars that can only travel on four wheels flat only. Using a tow bar that lifts two wheels of the car and leaves the other two rolling may damage the transmission system and tyres of the car.
Instead of using a tow bar, the best choice for such a car is to use a tow trailer. That will ensure that the entire wheels of the car are down inside of the trailer and you don’t have to worry about having issues with the transmission system.

Generally, before towing a car, you must know what kind of car you drive and what towing method would work best with it. A failure to find this synergy will no doubt cause a lot of issues for your car. Towing Miami ensures that your car gets towed properly and that you do not encounter any issues.

What happens if your car gets towed wrongly?
In the event that you have issues reconciling the drive of your car and the appropriate type of towing means to use, you could risk a lot of damage while towing a car. These includes but Is not limited to:

Wearing off of tires: while this is a normal wear and tear routine of the car, towing your vehicle wrongly can hasten the wearing off of your tires. The dangerous part is that the tires wear off independently of each other and this can result in imbalance. This is often a precursor for accidents when unchecked.

Wearing off of the rear brake shoe: This is another wear and tear component of the car which towing your vehicle wrongly can cause to deteriorate rapidly. Once you discovered your vehicle was towed wrongly, have the brake shoes changed.

Faulty transmission: The biggest culprit when towing a vehicle is a damaged transmission. This could happen when you tow your vehicle wrongly and can cost you a lot to repair. A damaged transmission system will usually occur when the towing device goes against the natural drive style of the vehicle.

Better safe than sorry

Why do you have to spend a whole lot on towing then spend even more to repair the damage done by the towing? Why should you tow wrongly and risk damaging your car when we can do the towing for you?
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