jump starting car

Does jump starting car damage the computer?

When people are in hurry but the car is not in a mood to start, they usually give it a quick start through jump starting car without knowing what damages it will provide to their luxury vehicle in the long run. Older technology in cars replaces with the advanced one and most of the functions whether minor or major runs with computer systems.

Most of the people carry jumping cables in their cars to use in the hour of need. It has been reported that the biggest complain car manufactures receive its battery failure. But with the raise of smart technology and the implementation of it in cars, it has generated additional problems to keep in mind for car owners. Currently car manufactures implement more than one electronic or digital device in a vehicle. Additionally most systems integrate with each other and run on a mother computer that controls all aspects of the vehicle from start to finish.

A Jump-start creates voltage surge into the system that if not implemented correctly could cause a power surge that can damage expensive systems in your vehicle. When a power surge occur in your vehicle it can damage sensors, it can damage the radio, or the digital dashboard, it is always important to read the owner’s manual and to search for instructions as to how to properly perform a jump start on your vehicle.

Therefore, to deal with advanced batteries in the latest luxury cars, one must need new techniques and equipment used in the past. The new methods should be safe in use for you and your expensive vehicle because no one has sufficient budget to spend repeatedly on buying a new car.

Before plugin your jump-start cables, check whether the battery is dead or are there any other problems? In some occasion you may think the damage is in the battery but it could end up being another part like an alternator. However, most of the time, the issue resides in the battery. If you turn on the key, the lights did not turn on, and there is no sound of engine cracking then it is signal that the car battery is dead. Now it is time to jump-start your car but here are the things that one should know first.

The effective and safe way to jump-start your car is to use a battery jump box. These boxes are specially designed to quickly start a vehicle without causing damage to its computing system.

Another common way that most of us are familiar with is to provide a jump-start to the vehicle by attaching it to another car. However, keep in mind that the car, which is giving the jump, should be off, and the key should not in the ignition.

While using the jumper cables, connect the red and black wires carefully because the correct order is essential to get results. Red clamps are made to connect with the positive terminal of the battery, so plug it with the +ve terminal. When you are done with joining red clamp, now its turn to joint black ones. Connect black clamps with the negative terminals of the battery. The second black clamp will be adjoined as far as possible from the battery with the unpainted metal surface found under the hood. Now try to start your car. If the engine starts working, make it runs for a few minutes and then disconnects the black clamps first and then the red clamps.

Be careful, when joining the back clamps because in case of one wrong steps there will be a spark or explosion. Before anything you should always keep in mind your safety when jump starting car.